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SkillUp VTS wants to understand clients’ needs and demonstrate the benefits of VR Training technology.
We have designed a survey to better comprehend the requirements of our clients. Complete the survey below to potentially win an online platform voucher worth R150 or R250.

On a scale from 1-10, how competent are your employees?
If you could use a magical device to transport employees into a practical learning environment, would you use it?
If you could train your employees on demand instead of transporting them to a different location, would it improve your company’s budget?
Have you ever had the need to assess your employee’s skills in real time without relying on paper assessments?
Virtual reality training is not a gimmick, it’s an immersive training experience that enhances information retention. Would you be open for someone from SkillUp-Vts to contact you to schedule an information or demo session on Virtual Reality training?
What are you interested in?
Do you agree to recieve further marketing material related to further news and specials?

Where Reality Ends and Virtual Training Begins



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