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Art and Creativity VR Apps

Virtual Reality (VR) is transforming the therapy landscape, offering new and creative avenues for mental health treatment. One innovative application uses Multibrush, a creative VR programme that enables users to engage in artistic expression in an immersive digital environment. 

These VR programmes, such as Multibrush and Quill, allow individuals to paint, draw, and create 3D art in a virtual space. This immersive experience can be particularly beneficial for therapy. Creating art in VR can help reduce stress, improve mood, and provide a unique outlet for self-expression.  

Therapists are incorporating these programmes to help clients explore their emotions and thoughts in a new, dynamic way. The virtual environment can be especially helpful for those who may feel inhibited or self-conscious about their artistic abilities, as VR art’s playful and experimental nature encourages a sense of freedom and exploration. 

Overall, art and creative VR apps are proving to be valuable tools in the therapeutic toolkit, offering a fresh, innovative approach to mental health care that leverages the power of technology and creativity. 

Art and creative VR apps like Multibrush are some of the many aspects that illustrate the giant leap forward that VR training has taken.  

Although we do not offer Multibrush programmes at Skillup-VTS, we have developed standardised training modules for multiple industries. 

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